Three ways fresh fish can benefit your health

Fresh fish is high in protein, low in saturated fat, and a bountiful source of omega-3 fatty acids. The NHS recommends that a healthy diet should feature no less than two portions of fresh fish per week. Below are three of the health benefits that you can expect to gain by including fresh fish in your regular diet.


Better hair and skin

Dry skin and brittle hair are two of the small number of drawbacks associated with otherwise healthy low saturated fat diets. The omega-3 fatty acids found within fresh fish are examples of the good monounsaturated fats. These fats provide nourishment for the hair and skin without the risk of inflicting the health issues, such as weight gain, associated with saturated fats.

As anti-inflammatories, omega-3s are also known to help soothe the symptoms of common skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.


A healthier heart

Omega three-3s also reduce inflammation inside the body. This helps to protect blood vessels, boosting the health of the heart and the circulatory system as a whole.

Oily fish – including Salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout and herring – contain the highest concentrations of omega-3s.


More strength and energy

Fresh fish contains a high content of protein, which is one of the body’s main building materials. Protein is a vital ingredient used in the creation of hormones, and the building, maintenance and strengthening of our bones and muscles. Protein also powers our bodies – it is one of the three nutrients alongside fats and carbohydrates that contain energy in the form of calories.

Tuna, anchovies, salmon, halibut, snapper and cod all have an especially high protein content.


The place to get fresh fish

Officially opening for business next Saturday (1st), Leicester’s brand-new fish market is housed in a £2m development situated on 3 Market Place next to the city’s historic covered market. Once open, 20 traders will be operating stalls selling a huge variety of fresh fish.

So if you want some fresh fish, and the better skin, healthier heart, and extra strength and energy that come with it, be sure to pay a visit.



Why are our veg boxes becoming so popular?


Envelope Headline: Your free box of organic veg waits inside.


Hi Joanne

We’d love for you to join the growing number of Kibworth locals who are enjoying weekly deliveries of Spring Meadows Farm’s organic veg boxes. So I’ve sent you this letter to let you in on the reasons why our veg boxes are becoming so popular.


Doorstep delivery

Are you tired of lumbering with bags and bags of heavy groceries? Let us bare part of your burden. Our veg boxes are delivered straight from our local farm, Spring Meadows, right to your doorstep, weekly, on a regular day at a regular time that suits you. So you’ll have fewer grocery bags to carry, and fewer items on your shopping list to worry about forgetting.

And as each veg box contains enough to feed four people a portion of veg on every day of the week, there’s little chance you’ll be dashing out to resupply before your next delivery.


Guaranteed freshness

Did you know that 50% of the vegetables consumed in the UK are grown abroad? And even if you are eating veg that has been grown in the UK, it’s likely to have come from a farm some distance from your home.

This means that the vast majority of supermarket bought veg has undergone a process of having been harvested, sorted, and then transported considerable distances before reaching the supermarket stalls. Freshness suffers from the time taken up by this lengthy process. And the pollution produced by what often amounts to the hundreds of miles that supermarket veg spends in transit takes a damaging toll on the environment.

Spring Meadows Farm’s veg, on the other hand, is grown just down the road. Often the veg in our veg boxes is picked from our fields and delivered to our local customers on the same day. That’s why we can guarantee absolute freshness. Our short delivery distances also ensure that our service produces minimal pollution, and therefore minimal negative environmental impact.


Our veg is certified organic

All our produce is 100% organic. For you, that means healthier food free from a coating of harsh chemicals. And for our local environment, that means healthier farming techniques protecting the land, the streams, and the habitats supporting local wildlife.

The organic status of our farm is authenticated by the Soil Association – the UK’s leading organic certifier. The standards they demand are stringent and subject to regular inspection. So if you don’t take our word for it, takes theirs.


Invest in your local community

We’re not a huge faceless corporation. We’re not bent on consuming all competition. We don’t have billions in the bank. And we view our customers as much more than simply as stats.

We’re a small local farm serving the small local community that we both share. Subscribe to our veg box delivery service and see your money reinvested back into your area and back into serving you.


Harmonise with the seasons

If you’re assuming that we don’t offer the same breadth of selection you’d find at the supermarket, you’re right, we don’t.

But we do offer a selection. Only ours is a little different. The selection of vegetables in our veg boxes is chosen not by us, and nor by you. It’s chosen by the seasons. By subscribing to our veg box delivery service you can tune into the gentle rotation of spring, summer, autumn and winter. From sprouting broccoli, to rhubarb, to potatoes, to runner beans, to turnips, to much, much more, you’ll enjoy a variety of local organic produce at exactly the times of year that nature intended.

On the matter of our veg boxes’ seasonal produce, last week we were happy to hear our customer Rob tell us,

‘I was never adventurous in the kitchen. I’d just buy the same things and make the same meals each week. I didn’t realise how much more exciting my cooking routine could be before subscribing to your veg box delivery service.

Now each week is a seasonal culinary surprise. I feel much more connected to the ebb and flow of the seasons and to my local natural surroundings. My family are really enjoying the variety of seasonally inspired meals I’m now making too.  

What’s more, your veg is as fresh as can be. Thanks a lot.’

Robert Stills, Kibworth resident.


There you have it. More and more Kibworth locals just like you are enjoying our veg boxes for their convenience, their seasonal selection, their benefit to the local economy and environment, and of course, because of the fresh, locally grown organic veg that they contain.

Our delivery subscriptions are rolling and can be cancelled at any time free of charge. Subscriptions are billed at £10.00 per veg box and paid on a monthly basis either by cash or standing order.

If you’re interested in subscribing to our veg box delivery service, the subscription process is quick and easy. Just call us on 0116 2798384 or email us at letting us know that you’re interested and we’ll have your subscription set up in no time.

Hopefully we can look forward to the pleasure of dropping your first veg box off to you soon.


Best regards,


Oliver James-Allen

Owner, Spring Meadows Farm.



We know it’s all very well making you aware of the convenience, the freshness, the organic status, and the benefits that our veg offers to the local economy and environment. But there’s no way of really knowing whether you’ll like it until you’ve tried it. That’s why we’re offering you a free box of our organic veg to try for yourself.

But don’t hang about. Your free veg box offer is only valid for one week following the date of this letter. So call us on 0116 2798384, or email us at stating your name followed by ‘free veg please’ in the subject line and we’ll arrange a time and day that suits you to drop off your free veg box. We hope you enjoy it. We’re sure you will.



PRESS RELEASE FROM:                       The Leicester Arts Centre (Phoenix)

CONTACT NAME:                                   Julia Boddington

CONTACT NUMBER:                              0116 242 2800


Leicester’s Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre announces £7m expansion

The Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre has announced plans for a major £7m expansion. The Phoenix – which is a charity – hopes that once complete, their increased capacity will help them attract more visitors, generating additional revenue to invest in their charitable endeavours and obligations.

The expansion will double the centre’s number of cinema screens to a total of four, increase the size of its digital arts gallery, provide its educational services with additional classroom spaces, and extend the centre’s café. Due for completion in 2020, the project has consequently been dubbed Phoenix 2020.


Artist’s impression of the Phoenix following its completed extension


The Phoenix’s CEO, John Rance, said of the plans,

‘We’re really excited about the expansion. It will allow us to screen more of the eclectic mix of vintage, art-house and contemporary blockbuster movies that have made our cinema so popular. We’ll also be enlarging our exhibitions of world-class digital art, all of which are free, and expanding our educational services that run both practical and theory based film and art courses for all ages and abilities.’

A more detailed version of the plans is due for release next month. Meanwhile, the Phoenix team are busy working with their partners, Leicester City Council, and De Montfort University to raise the extra £3m still required to match Arts Council England’s provisional capital grant offer of £4.17m. The centre welcomes public donations.

To celebrate their announcement, the Phoenix are offering all Leicester Mercury readers buy one get one free cinema tickets to see a film of their choice until the end of this month. To claim the offer, present the discount code below when purchasing tickets from the Phoenix box office. Or, if booking online, enter the discount code when prompted during the booking process.


Discount code: KLXFP0





  • The Phoenix is a cinema, digital art gallery, education centre and café
  • Established in 1989, the company are a charity with the stated aim to ‘bring inspiring film and art to all’
  • The centre has been situated in the Phoenix Square building, 4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG, since November 2009
  • Since moving to its present location the Phoenix has doubled its number of annual visitors to 200,000
  • The Phoenix nurtures local artistic talent through its educational services
  • Their travelling community cinema has helped to broaden access to independent cinema across the country





Copy to promote The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals

A visit to The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals is a great investment of your time, and potentially, your money. Here’s why.


They’ve got what you want

Into clothes?

Hanging from their racks you’ll find everything from winter coats to summer dresses; from the only worn once, to one-off vintage pieces.


Keen on books?

They’ve got shelves stacked with a cornucopia of contemporary best sellers, time tested classics and coffee table curiosities.


A fan of music?

Enjoy sifting through a selection of music in a range of formats from CDs to cassestts to vinyl, spanning all the genres and the decades of popular music.


Discover all this and more besides.

And with an ever-flowing stream of fresh, regularly rotated stock, the PDSA is never the same shop twice.


You won’t break the bank

Big range, small prices.


You’ll be helping out

It’s not only their customers they cater for.

For the trouble of unearthing gems and parting with a few pennies, you’ll be helping sick and injured pets receive the veterinary assistance they need, but can’t afford.


Sounds too good to be true?

Well, they say seeing, not reading, is believing.

So pay them a visit, and see for yourself.



New Portsmouth IT support firm share 3 DIY laptop fixes

Are you having problems with your laptop? If so, don’t go calling any of Portsmouth’s computer repairs firms just yet.

Digifix, A new company specialising in computer maintenance in Portsmouth, have a few tips that might save you time and money. Wanting to offer helpful advice for locals from the off, they’ve decided to share some easy DIY fixes for three common laptop problems.



Noisy fans, and unsurprisingly, excess heat, are two of the tell tale symptoms of a laptop suffering from overheating. If left unchecked, overheating can cause your laptop to power down without warning and potentially damage its hardware.

Clogged up fans are the most common cause of overheating, but luckily, they’re easy to clean.

Fans sit behind the exterior vents that are generally located on a laptop’s underside. To remove excess deposits of dust from your fan, turn your laptop off, then take a can of compressed air and spray it directly into the vents.

Holding a vacuum against your laptop’s vents will ensure that dust deposits are hoovered up as they become dislodged.


Spilt liquid on the keyboard

Your laptop’s vital organs are all housed under its keyboard, and contact with liquid can deal a deathblow to any one of them. So spilling liquids on your keyboard is always to be avoided. But accidents do happen. Act fast however, and you may avoid a trip to computer A&E.

First, immediately turn your laptop off and remove its power cord. Then use tissue to dab up any excess liquid – never wipe, doing so risks more liquid seeping beneath the keys.

Once all excess liquid has been soaked up, turn your laptop bottom side up and remove its battery. Then put your laptop in a warm place where it can be left to dry, but avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or too close to a radiator. Leave it to dry for several hours.

With speed and luck, this technique will minimise any liquid damage caused.


Scratches on the screen

Unsightly scratches can desecrate images on any laptop screen.

Many assume that the only solution to scratches is a full screen replacement, and replacing a screen is a costly procedure. Because of this common assumption, many old, but otherwise able-bodied laptops are written off prematurely after screen displays become marred by scratches.

But with a little knowhow, scuffs and minor scratches can be removed for the price of next to nothing.

Toothpaste contains mild abrasives. These abrasives are great for cleaning teeth, but also work well when used for polishing scratches out of laptop screens.

Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto your fingertip and rub over the scratched areas for 20 seconds or so using a gentle circular motion. Then use a cloth to wipe away the toothpaste and then wash your laptop’s screen using non-ammonia based window cleaner. If necessary, repeat this process, doing so until you’re satisfied with the results. Note that this is an effective method for the removal of light scratches, but isn’t likely to remove deeper gouges.


If you’re seeking computer maintenance, repairs or an IT support package in Portsmouth, then Digifix are on hand and ready to help.

Call 02485 752 128 or email to contact to a member of their team.



Social media posts to promote Coombe Abby’s medieval banquets



Fancy feasting like a lord or lady of the manor? Find out more about Coombe Abbey’s #MedievalBanquets here: #4CourseDinner #CoventryNightOut




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